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Billy Gills is no detective...He blanches at the sight of dead bodies. He's been known to cry at funerals. A washed up pro bowler who owns a struggling small town bowling alley, his chances of successfully investigating a murder are about as great as his chances of picking up a 7-10 split. Things begin to change, however, when Billy finds himself summoned to the county morgue to identify the body of his identical twin brother Bo. Bo is the flamboyant, wealthy founder of TreadBo, a specialty bowling shoe manufacturer; he is famous for his quirky sense of fashion, fitness fanaticism, and unusual hobbies, which may have gotten him into trouble. Fortunately, Billy's bowling alley Split City is also home to "Jesus Spares", a church service, bowling, and social gathering where almost anything can happen. Billy may need every ounce of faith he has to discover the truth about himself and his eccentric twin brother.

"Will delight readers...a powerful story of adversity, small-town politics, and a search for truth and community tempered by surprising twists and turns." - Midwest Book Review 


SPLIT CITY is available now!


Frank Pavlicek Series

A Witness Above

A Killing Sky

A Cold Quarry

A Night Falconer

The K Street Hunting Society

The Jesus Spares Series

Split City

Split End (Aug 2023)



Record Of Wrongs

The Blue Hallelujah




​The Reason For Tears

A Memoir by Tony Weedor with Andy Straka

Brash Books A Witness Above ebook cover.jpg
"Highly recommended." -Michael Connelly

"A talented author." - Publisher's Weekly

"Fast-paced, twisty, and complex."  -Booklist

"A first-rate thriller." -MysteryScene

"Storytelling as strong as talons. Once [Straka's] got you, he never lets go." -Rick Riordan

"A great read." -Library Journal

"Atmosphere, vivid setting...intriguing plot and characters you feel in your bones [make for] a compulsively readable, gripping thriller." -Julia Spencer-Fleming

"As an avid reader of mystery and suspense, this is a series I will visit again and again. [The] writing is in the moment, real and draws the reader in...a highly enjoyable reading experience!" --Cozy Cat Reviews

"Witty, sharp, and flesh-and-blood real." -Jeffery Deaver

"A book this good, and this original, helps remind me why I started reading mysteries in the first place..."
-Steve Hamilton
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#1 NY Times bestselling authors Lee Goldberg and Joel Goldman talk below about A Witness Above and the bestselling, Shamus award-winning
Frank Pavlicek Series 
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