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Split City 

Murder does a double take in the Catskills of Upstate New York when former pro bowler Billy Gills is summoned to the county morgue to identify the body of his identical twin brother Bo. 

Famous for his quirky sense of fashion, fitness fanaticism, and unusual hobbies, Bo, who is also a former pro bowler, is the founder of TreadBo, a specialty bowling shoe manufacturer headquartered in the county seat of Partridgeberry. Billy, no longer famous, and, by his own admission, carrying a little too much weight by today's skinny jean standards, is the proprietor of Split City Lanes, a classic hometown bowling alley, located nearby in the charmingly rundown, lakeside town of Twin Strikes. Split City also happens to be home to Jesus Spares, a monthly church service, food, bowling, and social gathering where almost anything can happen, and often does. Which is a good thing, because Billy is going to need every ounce of faith he has to solve the mystery of what's been going on with his eccentric twin brother.

From beginning to end, surprises and unusual characters abound in this amateur sleuth mystery, the first in a new series.





COMING OCT 5, 2021




A Witness Above 

#1 Amazon Bestseller 

 Anthony, Shamus, and Agatha Award Nominee 

Over 280,000 copies sold 


"A breath of fresh air in the field of private eye fiction." 

--Jeffery Deaver 


The first book in the popular Frank Pavlicek series. Falconer and private investigator Frank Pavlicek is hunting with his red-tailed hawk in the Virginia woods when he stumbles across a young man’s body and evidence that implicates his own teenage daughter. Soon, his daughter is in jail. Frank’s past as a disgraced former NYPD homicide detective is coming back to haunt him. And his reputation and life are on the line….


[Originally published by NAL/Signet/Penguin.]



A Killing Sky 

Anthony Award Nominee


"Andy Straka has learned something about writing from falconry. His storytelling is as sharp and strong as talons, and once he's got you in

his grip, he never lets go. A KILLING SKY is sure to confirm

his status as one of the rising stars of the mystery genre." 

-- Rick Riordan 


When a Congressman's daughter disappears, Charlottesville P.I. and falconer Frank Pavlicek follows a trail of family secrets to the most dangerous discovery of all--the truth. 



A Cold Quarry 

Shamus Award Winner


In the skies over West Virginia, an invisible predator hunts its prey. When friend and master falconer Chester Carew is found dead in the woods, private investigator Frank Pavlicek doesn’t buy the official report of an accidental shooting. The trail leads to a shadowy group of domestic terrorists—and to Frank’s former NYPD partner, Jake Toronto, who is accused of being involved with their plot. To prove Jake’s innocence, Frank will have to trap the real killers before they can carry out their terrifying agenda.


"I couldn't put it down!...delivers pure suspense...A book this good, and this original, helps remind me why I started reading mysteries in the first place."

--Steve Hamilton




A Night Falconer

No one would ever mistake Virginia private investigator and falconer Frank Pavlicek for Ace Ventura. But when the ex homicide detective is asked to return to New York City to help find a physician/animal rights activist’s missing feline, the stage is set for one of the most bizarre cases of Frank’s career.
“Fast paced, twisty, and complex…a fine starting place for readers new to Straka’s too little-known private eye series.”
[Note: Originally published in hardcover by
Five Star/Cengage under the title Kitty Hitter.]
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A Flight Fall

 Private investigators Frank Pavlicek and his daughter Nicole receive an urgent message from their friend and fellow falconer Jake Toronto about “a death in the family.” For Toronto, his birds are his family. The death in question turns out to be the murder of his prize peregrine falcon Jazzman. Toronto worries that a vivacious female chef he helped ease out of a job is the culprit and that he may have done the wrong thing by both the woman and her employer. Was Jazzman murdered for love? 


"Quirky characater, romantic hobby, twisty plot...

at times lyrical...a winner."

--Cville Weekly
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Copy of Copy of The K Street Hunting Soc

The K Street Hunting Society

It’s supposed to be an easy paycheck for private investigators Frank Pavlicek and his daughter Nicole. Their friend and fellow falconer Jake Toronto has a new protetective services client: multi-millionairess Raquel Greensmythe. But when a professional killer ambushes them in an underground K Street parking garage, one of Greensmythe's executives ends up dead, Jake is shot in the hand, and Nicole is critically wounded. For Frank and Jake, the hunt is on for a killer even the cops refer to as “a ghost.”


"Andy Straka soars to wonderful heights."

--Midwest Book Review



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The Blue Hallelujah


A heroic detective. An exceptional situation. An unforgettable story.


Detective Jerry Strickland and his wife Rebecca shared a secret calling. When Rebecca died of cancer in prison—branded as a disturbed vigilante after killing one of his murder suspects—Jerry knew he needed to put the truth in writing to set the record straight.


Now, as an old man nearing his own demise, Jerry is unsure whether to share his narrative about Rebecca with the world. But when his eight-year-old granddaughter Marnee disappears, Jerry learns she’s been taken by someone close to the killer depicted in the pages hidden in his dresser drawer.

It’s time for Jerry to finish the story—by confronting an evil that threatens Marnee’s life and the lives of everyone around her. And by placing his faith in a higher power to redeem the love for Rebecca in his heart.


"Comes right at your heart."

--David H. Syrett 


Record Of Wrongs

Freed from prison when a new round of DNA testing casts doubt on his guilt, Quentin Price is about to confront a figure from his past who will make him an offer difficult to refuse: the chance to help solve the crime that put him behind bars. There is only one problem. What if Quentin is guilty? And what if the person he is about to meet appears the unlikeliest ally of all?



"Highly recommended. I dare you to tell me I'm wrong."

--Michael Connelly


“Shamus Award winner Andy Straka is a heavily under-rated author unknown to many readers. If he keeps producing books like RECORD OF WRONGS he will be on top sooner rather than later. He is that good.”
--I Love a Mystery Reviews




Former Army helicopter pilot Raina Sanchez can’t erase the memories of being shot down in Afghanistan, of losing her foot, and the death of her commanding officer. When asked by the soldier who rescued her that day--to whom she is also attracted--to participate in a secret drone operation, she jumps at the chance to exorcise some of her demons.


But in a hidden new world where surveillance devices as small as tiny insects are being piloted into places most would never imagine, public and private forces both large and small are maneuvering to control them with inevitable consequences. For Raina the danger didn’t end when she left her military career. The threat has just begun….


"Nails the sweet spot where science fiction meets thriller. What a ride!"

--NY Times bestselling author John Gilstrap